About Us

Speak The Speech Theatre Company is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to enrich, educate and entertain the Tucson Community.  Through the shared experience of live theatre we hope to inspire the willingness to explore new ideas and generate dialogues concerning class, social and economic justice and the courage to explore our own humanity.

Objectives supporting this mission statement are:

  • To produce a broad range of theatrical presentations of the highest possible quality;
  • To provide hand-on learning experiences in all aspects of theatre production and management for youth, adults and seniors;
  • To enhance our programs through cooperative ventures with the University of Arizona and other local schools and businesses via workshops and sharing of resources;
  • To develop and draw from local talent to the maximum extent possible;
  • To be recognized as a significant cultural asset by the Tucson Community;


Contact information:

Ken Beider
Executive Director

Dan Reichel
Artistic Director

Paul Brunelle
Company Manager

Company Address:

Speak The Speech Theatre Company
2235 E Camino El Ganado Tucson, AZ 85718

2 Replies to “About Us”

  1. Joey centofanti

    I was wondering if you need any experienced actors to help out…

    Bio…Movie…Cash for Keys…Played major supporting role in University of Arizona film as “George the Security Guard…”release 2010. VoiceOvers…I Did some voice overs of bickering between husband and wife which was featured at a local art exhibit. I have appearing in a music video for my friend marcjohn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJCfJ8ugcLs I completed another role in another independent film, Dog Eat Dog, where I played a waiter…I was in play at a local theatre….”A passion for Christ” . I played a parishioner who had to perform stage combat with another performer. I have just completed a scene as an extra in an independent movie by Nine Buddhas Pictures , Until Dead, a feature length murder mystery…I played a bar patron. Forthcoming stuff: I’m an extra in the in the upcoming presentation of AIDA by the Arizona Opera Company. I have a masters in criminal law from Kaplan and bachelor’s in sociology from Northern Arizona University. I plan on starting my doctorate degree in ESL.


    Good Morning!

    My friend, Corinne Davis, who, with her daughter, Sasha Davis, saw your play and suggested I get in touch with you. I believe Sasha is in a class of Ken Beider.

    Corinne recommended I get in touch with you, because I have written a play and it is possible that you might be interested in producing it.

    It is based, tangentially, on the “Wizard of Oz”. It takes place in the present. Dorothy, an ancestor of the original, wants to break into show business, but instead is working in her uncle’s veterinary office. Her uncle and his extra terrestrial partner are secretly rescuing dogs and sending them to Sirius.

    I have printed out a copy of the script for you. I would like to meet you and give you the script in person.

    Thank you!

    Janice Ambrose

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